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Package Engineering & Test

JBL Package Engineering provides the client with integrated packaging solution service including packaging design, trial production, evaluation test, and packaging material procurement. Since packaging plays an important role in optimizing total distribution cost, environmental responsiveness, and transportation quality, we always take overall factors such as physical characteristic, transportation environment, environmental load, and cost reduction of the client's products into consideration.

Steps to JBL packaging engineering and its test service

Customer merits:
JBL Package Engineering quickly responds to the client's requirements as we totally practice a series of development, design, and various evaluation tests. We offer unparalleled services by leveraging our professional knowledge which we have been developing for a long time. We supply competitive packaging materials to the client by collaborating with packaging material manufacturers. Benefits for the client include;
1. Shorten development lead time through the integrated design process and concurrent engineering.
2. Reduce cost of packaging materials from the client's point of view by being able to deal with various packaging material manufacturers.
3. Realize highly reliable evaluation test and right packaging by accumulated know-how and ISTA certified test equipment.