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Solution Concept

JBL consulting service solves logistical issues on customer's business strategy and that of SCM with optimizing trade-off between logistics service level and that of each cost spent.

Solution Concept

Our solution concept consists of consulting activity directly linked to customer's benefit and that puts its deliverable into use at logistics operation site with consistent manner.

JBL's logistics solution covers from formulation of logistics strategy and master planning to designing operation outsourcing in line with your company (supply chain) strategy.

Customer's Benefit

JBL will propose necessary know-how and guide to formulate logistics strategy when you do nothing to find what and how to begin your innovation on logistics. We will also support real delivery of forming your logistics strategy. Specifically we will support at your own level of requirement as following classification, therefore, you would enjoy your own necessary solution from us.

1. Logistics strategy formulation --- Strategic level
2. Logistics master plan formulation --- Planning level
3. Logistics operation consulting --- Control level
4. 3PL / Logistics service provider selection --- Operation level

Image through Logistics strategy / master plan formulation to Operation design